Product Photoshooting concept and realisation


Art direction for the photography of the products from the vitasprint website. After an inital test photoshooting, the final pictures where taken by the photographer Stephan Lemke.

*My work at Moccu is always done under supervision by a senior art director and in a larger team, consisting of projectmanagement, UX- and UI-Designers, development etc. I do not claim to be the only designer working on these projects. For more specific information concerning the different projects, please contact me personally.

Intital Testimages and final implementation

Example images of the concept briefing. I took various pictures and arrangements of the products and tested different lighting situations. We used these images as a reference for the photographer to take the final images.

Process of the Photoshooting

3 different ranges

At the moment, the vitasprint product range includes 3 different product lines. All of them were individually shot and arranged for various purposes (stage-images, slider-images, teaser etc.). The final results can be seen on the Vitasprint Website.