Schifffahrt in Potsdam
Fictional Redesign Project for a passenger shipping company.

Schifffahrt in Potsdam

  • Client: Weiße Flotte Potsdam
  • Date: Winter, 2015
  • External Documentation: Incom Project

Schifffahrt in Potsdam Redesign

Schifffahrt in Potsdam Redesign Fictional redesign for a real company. »Schifffahrt in Potsdam« is passenger shipping transportation company which needs a distinct USP and a redesign for their print and online materials for a better user experience. The flyer and brochures are filled with information and hard to decipher for the user, parts of the timetable are redundant and need to be optimised.
As a part of the redesign, a complete manual has been created with an explanation for the correct use of colours, fonts, icons and logo. To show an emotional usage of the CD, an exemplary campaign is provided, with a vivid colour palette and artistic appeal.